This is my real name, my father was Captain Colette. My name is Sidonie-Gabrielle. You laugh? For my mother, I was her treasure of gold.

At 20, I married Willy, a writer. He introduced me to all this beautiful world of literature and music … and I fell into it. It encourages me to write my memories of school and it gives Claudine at school, then La Maison de Claudine, Claudine in Paris, Claudine married, Claudine goes ... I write and he signs ! Anyway, I knew I was provided with some talent.

And in all this environment that I frequent, I took the opportunity to make music-hall (the name of entertainment speaks: The desire, love and fantasy) … but yes ! Oriental pantomimes, held in very light. I emancipate me ! Besides, I love women and divorce. If you want to know, then read my works: The Vagabond, The Behind the Music Hall, on tour …
My novels are not very fruit of my imagination. They reflect much of my life. That’s why they treat a lot of failure in love couple! And there seems to childhood as a lost paradise.
It’s the pain that was for me to write. The pain of the way to becoming a free woman. But it is the fiesta that has dominated my life. My second husband, I loved to the point of coming to the battlefield to find him. Then his son that I loved: he was 17, I 40, I introduced him! Read on my « wheat grass« .
I learned a lot from cats. It has been said that I fully recognized in them, I had their independence, the gift of observation, instinct, patience …
I was told that the INA has kept me my funeral ceremony at the Palais Royal and the Père Lachaise. Also on the TV when it comes to guessing the character mentioned is Colette.