Walking tour

We offer you to visit Pere Lachaise cemetery and its residents with

  • Books : a general tour, or themed tours, the celebrities generally present themselves
  • Audio content for smartphones: you organize your visit and a set of QRCode gives you access to audio files of the celebrities
  • audio recordings delivered to an MP3 player that you will keep and listen at leisure


The e-books : Pere Lachaise characters

Find the Spirit of the residents, their presentation, their comments today with e-books « The stories of Pere Lachaise » ebooks enriched with links and multimedia

We also offer theme and content tailored for groups, associations, language courses …


The life of dead celebrities at Père Lachaise. Dialogue with the deads

They think about spirituality, comment on current events, talk about their trips… (shortly)


We are currently at work and collect information and stories that are willing to provide us with the celebrities of Père Lachaise. Tell us who and what media you want, we will make priorities


You can tell us with what media you want to visit